3D Scanning Brings Products Closer to Your Digital Customers

With showrooms closed and clients attending events from home, the need to bring physical products into the virtual world is more important than ever. Precision and accuracy are key to creating faithful reproductions of complex, real-world objects. At Pulse Studio, we’re taking advantage of the latest in 3D scanning tech to bring high fidelity, interactive digital replicas to your customers.

Digital Kiosk Displays

3D product scans are versatile and add an extra layer of value to a virtual event. Scanned objects can be integrated directly into the environment as part of a kiosk display or product demo. By capturing full-color textures and thousands of 3D data points, we can create an exact replica of your product that can be edited, recolored, and transformed to highlight its best features. Choose whether to showcase the item in true-to-life color, or apply a variety of material finishes to inspire your audience. Develop a stunning booth display of your latest and greatest, without the constraints of manufacturing or transportation costs.

Interactive Elements

Trying to promote special features on a product, and need your attendees to get up close and personal? Take advantage of 3D model viewers. These viewers can be embedded right into a virtual experience – for example, attendees at a booth displaying your products can click on them to open a viewer and get a better look. With this tool, your attendees can navigate around objects in 360, zoom in to see fine details, and read callouts and notes from your team highlighting those important details so no one misses a thing. With subject matter experts available in chat to answer questions, attendees can take their time interacting and learning about the product.

Scanning People

Add a personal touch to an event and bring your team into your next virtual environment. 3D scanning tech works on people, too! Whether it’s your CEO, an event VIP, or your subject matter experts, you can bring some familiar faces with you.