engage puts just as much time into data collection as we do into making each event look stunning.

the data we provide is a key elements in every successful event. we provide 10x more data then you would receive at a live event.

with each user we will track the attendees entire journey. where did they user go, what content did they view, how long did they stay at each location and how long they viewed each piece of content.

so much data

true insight into your events success

  • who is attending your event
  • what each attendee was interested in most
  • what brought them to the event
  • what keep them interested
  • what piece of content were they most interested in
  • what were the most popular location
  • what were the most popular pieces of content
  • what engagements where successful

  • and much more

realtime analytics

see in realtime how many active visitors you have, what are the most popular locations and content at your event.

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