your virtual event EASY solution

rebrand your venue, create your agenda, add content, schedule notifications and much more.

we set up your event and hand you the keys

unlock your next event

virtual events
quick & easy

engageVE has built a robust turnkey virtual event solution.

we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to build and manage your own virtual event.

rebrand your venue, create your agenda, add content, schedule notifications and much more.

step 1

reach out to connect with your personal project manager at engage.

your virtual event project manager will walk you through the full setup process and will be there for any questions you may have.

step 2

select your venue


step 3

your project manager will send you graphic templates to rebrand the venue for your brand or event.

once we have received your graphics, we will apply the graphics to the virtual environment.

Step 4

your virtual event is ready

at this point you will receive the event URL and login information for your events content management system

login to your dashboard and start setting up your agenda, adding content and building your attendee experience with our robust content management system.

  • ___add, remove and edit attendee lists
  • ___manage your event agenda
  • ___manage event push notification
  • ___manage content and links throughout your event
  • ___view event analytics, track activity by users or view an overview of traffic in realtime

base includes

rebranded venue

  • ___graphic templates provided for all areas


  • ___platform attendee chat
  • ___welcome video
  • ___10 content locations
  • ___weekly agenda
  • ___push notifications
  • ___login page

content management system

  • ___client managed attendee list
  • ___client managed agenda
  • ___client managed push notifications
  • ___client managed content areas
  • ___client access to base analytics / user run reports


  • ___“client”.engage.com


  • ___gamification
    • __users earn VEcoins by viewing content see VEcoins for more information
  • ___platinum service
    • __need additional help, send us all your content and links. our team will create your perfect virtual event
  • ___custom integrations
    • __need a feature not offered above or a custom integration for your favorite CRM for example
    • __our skilled team of developers will work with you to build that custom solution to makes your next virtual event above and beyond the rest
  • ___custom URL
    • __setup for a vanity custom url for your event


  • ___less expensive
  • ___faster
  • ___easy to configure for multiple events
  • ___self-managed
  • ___fast and easy to add and updated content
  • ___a truly immersive and branded experience

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