Metaverse NFTs and the Virtual Events Industry

tokenized digital art

Metaverse NFTs are coming to the virtual events industry.  Both NFTs and the metaverse are becoming increasingly popular and will likely impact every industry to some extent in the coming years. But what exactly are NFTs and the metaverse? And what does their recent emergence mean for the events industry?… READ MORE

How to Monetize Virtual Events in 2022

Monetize virtual event

Wondering how to monetize virtual events in 2022? In this guide, we will explore some proven methods to help you maximize your virtual event ROI. Virtual Event Monetization Challenges Virtual events have many advantages over traditional in-person events. Since there are no geographic limitations, brands can connect with larger audiences… READ MORE

Virtual Work Party Holiday Ideas to Help Make Your Event a Huge Success

Virtual work party holiday ideas

Looking for virtual work party holiday ideas? In this guide, we will explore some ways that EngageVE’s industry-leading virtual platform can help you to stay connected with your team and customers this holiday season. More companies than ever hosted virtual holiday parties in 2020. According to a survey conducted by… READ MORE

Virtual Holiday Party Venue Spotlight – Winter Wonderland

Virtual work holiday party ideas

Looking for a way to stay connected this winter or fun virtual work holiday party ideas for your team? EngageVE’s brand new Winter Wonderland virtual event venue is jammed-packed with ways to celebrate the holidays with your attendees. So Many Opportunities to Network, Connect and Reflect Most people look forward… READ MORE

The Complete Guide to Hosting Virtual Events in 2022

Virtual events

Virtual events have become commonplace in nearly every industry. They offer brands many powerful benefits. From expanding their audiences to boosting revenue to collecting and analyzing data to gain actionable insights. While virtual events have been around for several decades, many event organizers have little experience hosting virtual events. In… READ MORE

Gamify Your Virtual Event with VEcoins

VEcoins is the exciting new event app gamification solution from EngageVE. Use VEcoins on the EngageVE platform to gamify your virtual event to boost engagement and provide your attendees with a memorable experience. One of the biggest challenges that event organizers struggle with is keeping attendees engaged. Gamification is a… READ MORE

Wipro (Appirio) Helix 2021 Project Highlights

EngageVE partnered with McVeigh Global Meetings and Events, Pulse Studio LLC, and Plego Technologies to help Wipro (Appirio) deliver an immersive and memorable virtual event experience. The following are some highlights of the Helix 2021 virtual event project. Meet The Team McVeigh Global Meetings and Events – Overall Event Creative… READ MORE

VEexpo Hall Booth Management System

Increase attendee engagement and dwell time with a virtual event booth. Create one virtual event booth or thousands with EngageVE’s industry-leading VEexpo Hall Booth Management System. Virtual events and virtual trade shows have increased in popularity during the global pandemic. For many companies, COVID-19 represented their first exposure to virtual… READ MORE

Create a Memorable Shopping Experience with a Virtual Showroom

Create a virtual showroom to expand your brand’s reach and provide your customers with a memorable shopping experience.  According to McKinsey, both B2B buyers and sellers prefer the “new digital reality.” “More than three quarters of buyers and sellers say they now prefer digital self-service and remote human engagement over… READ MORE

Manage Event Content with our New CMS

Need a little extra control over your event, or want to keep costs down with a bit of DIY? Our new Content Management System enables you to manage your virtual event’s content quickly and easily. From creating agendas to editing attendee lists to sending custom push notification alerts, you can… READ MORE