Wipro (Appirio) Helix 2021 Project Highlights

EngageVE partnered with McVeigh Global Meetings and Events, Pulse Studio LLC, and Plego Technologies to help Wipro (Appirio) deliver an immersive and memorable virtual event experience. The following are some highlights of the Helix 2021 virtual event project.

Meet The Team

McVeigh Global Meetings and Events – Overall Event Creative Strategy, Production, and Virtual Event Management

Wipro (Appirio) – Client, Art Direction, and Participant Management

EngageVE – Virtual Event Platform

Pulse Studio LLC – Virtual Event Design

Plego Technologies – Technology Integrations

Campaign Objectives

The goals of the Helix 2021 event were to share inspiring keynotes, thought leadership, and innovative solutions on an immersive virtual platform. The event needed to promote networking and wellness while keeping attendees entertained and engaged. Wipro (Appirio) set out to create a 22-hour virtual event that would live stream 54 content sessions and 22 entertainment segments with an attendance of 2300 users from around the world. An additional requirement was to have the ability to demo new and innovative products and solutions by Wipro (Appirio) and their partners. It was also important to show how Wipro (Appirio) gives back to several deserving charities. Additionally, they wanted to highlight their partners and showcase their sponsors in a way that was integrated into the overall immersive experience. Finally, they wanted the virtual event to be a memorable experience that embodied the culture and brand of HELIX 2021.

Target Audience

Existing and potential Wipro (Appirio) customers and partners. One of the benefits of a virtual event is that it is not geographically restricted. This removes the barriers of entry for many attendees and allows brands to expand their reach. We sought to leverage these advantages to help the parties reach new customers.

Virtual event platform


Creating the solution began by building an immersive virtual environment. Using the amazing event artwork created by the talented team at Wipro (Appirio) we designed a custom rooftop venue to complement the HELIX event branding. The venue was surrounded by a modern/semi-futuristic agnostic city skyscape. The design immediately transported people from around the globe into the world of Helix 2021.

The environmental design gave us amazing opportunities for sponsors to be truly integrated into the experience. Sponsors did not just receive a logo; they took over an entire branded building within the cityscape surrounding the event.

Virtual events are created to share content, and this event had no shortage of engaging content. The MAIN STAGE hosted a 22-hour live stream with 54 back-to-back content sessions topped off with a concert. If attendees need a break, they could pop over to the BAR to listen to DJ Sadie Woods. Or they could see a Mixologist creating the perfect Old Fashioned or any of the other 22 entertainment segments.

In the SOLUTIONS GALLERY, a series of OnDemand content could be explored to learn about the latest Wipro (Appirio) and Partner product solutions. After previewing a solution, attendees could jump into a live chat with a solutions expert to ask questions and learn more.

To get more information about a specific industry, attendees visited the INDUSTRY SHOWCASE. Here guests found in-depth content about Wipro (Appirio) solutions used around the world.

Helix connected attendees throughout the platform in several ways. Within the event, attendees could engage with other guests in one-on-one chat. In the theaters and the solutions gallery, group chats were available for open discussions. In the CONNECT zone, attendees could join prescheduled smaller group video conferences. VIPs were invited to the exclusive CLUB – a password-protected room for more intimate video meetings.

Other Factors that Were Important to the Success of the Virtual Event

The EngageVE Platform was essential in making the virtual event a memorable experience. Wipro (Appirio) was looking for an immersive environment that embodied their brand and highlighted all their content in one experience.

Everything from the welcome screen to the UI to the 3D environment was designed specifically with the Helix 2021 brand in mind. This created a symbiotic relationship between the platform and the event.

The biggest experience of the event began and ended with the GIVING GALLERY. When you first enter the event the first thing that you see is the GIVING GALLERY where attendees voted on which charity to donate to in their honor. This information was used by Wipro (Appirio) to determine what donations they would make at the end of the event.

For a surprise at the end came a once-in virtual event history moment. Attendees were asked to look to the sky as thousands of virtual light lanterns were released into the air. As they floated slowly into the sky, a Wipro (Appirio)s voice explained that this was symbolic of the thousands of donations made at the GIVING GALLERY throughout the live event. This was a beautiful, memorable, and meaningful “thank you” to all those that attended and participated in Helix 2021.

Virtual Event Results

The results and feedback received were overwhelmingly positive. The customer feedback included “Loved it,” “Appirio set itself apart from other virtual experiences,” and “Coolest virtual event they have been to”. Below are some of the key event statistics that we collected in terms of the overall virtual event success.

Audience Number: 2,300 attendees

Average Engagement Time: 83 minutes

Number of Livestream Presentations: 52 presentations

Presentation Lengths: 5, 20, and 25 minutes in length

* We have found shorter presentations retain the online viewers’ attention for a longer time.

Number of Entertainment Segments: 22 entertainment segments

Average Attendee Visited: 16.25 locations visited / attendee

Number of Chats – 20,000+ messages