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earn VEcoins at
virtual events

spend VEcoins to get real things


add VEcoins and the VEcoin store to any virtual event.

attendees can earn VEcoins by exploring content, watching videos, chating with exhibitors and much more.

after the event, attendees will be able to take the VEcoins they earned and exchange them for real world gift cards at your favorite places to shop.

gamification in virtual events has never been easier and the ROI for extending dwell time and increasing learning by earning is through the roof.

VEcoins store

the VEcoins store is our virtual events rewards marketplace. attendees can accumulate rewards from various virtual events and redeem them at anytime at our VEcoins store. visit VEcoins store now


how to earn

  • event organizer can decide what content or locations earn attendees VEcoins.
  • organizer can determine the value of each coin earned at each gamification location.
  • the total amount an attendee can earn at each event will be determined by the event organizer.


  • full service solution
  • easy to setup and manage
  • highly customizable
  • as a user, VEcoins are saved independent of the event, this encourages users to attend more engageVE virtual events
  • encourages attendees to explore and learn more
  • fun for attendees
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