We create virtual events with unique engagements that provide attendees with a memorable brand experience.

About EngageVE

EngageVE is an all-in-one virtual event management and hybrid event management solution. EngageVE was formed through a partnership between a leading software development company and an event design studio. Our goal was to help event organizers to create scalable virtual events and hybrid events that equal those of live in-person events.

To achieve our goal we sought to create a virtual event and hybrid event management platform that empowers organizers by giving them complete control over the event experience. This meant providing access to a broad range of customization features and event management tools that would allow organizers to create an event that showcases their brand and appeals to their guests.

Our pursuit led to the development of a one-of-a-kind virtual event management solution: TurnKeyVE. With TurnKeyVE organizers can take charge of their virtual event by choosing one of our stylish venue templates. Leveraging our industry-leading hybrid and virtual event management technology, organizers can build out experiences exactly as they want. This includes adding unique content, gamification elements, networking features, and so much more. The solution also offers advanced analytics features that provide actionable insights to help grow your business and improve future events.

We employ some of the most talented developers and design professionals in the industry. Our team is committed to working together to take on the challenges of combining virtual events with live content and interactions.

Our Core Values

Engage attendees

Offer unique and interesting ways to deliver interactive content and experiences. By using 360 panoramas, we immerse your audience in virtual environments that best showcase your brand.

Capture imaginations

Do something amazing and people will remember it forever. We build environments that captivate attendees by immersing them in interesting and inviting worlds.

Form connections

Providing ways to connect attendees and build their network is essential. You never know how a conversation may lead to a collaboration, friendship, or new opportunity.

Innovation is key

Keep up with technology as it advances. We look ahead to see what new software and technology can be integrated within our virtual platform.

Ease of use

Using an application should be easy for everyone. We make the hybrid and virtual event management process as seamless as possible. We ensure that the user experience is flawless and lives up to the reputation of your brand.

Listen to the Client

Our team makes sure that the message clients want their attendees to hear resonates across the hybrid and virtual event experience.

Our Story

The EngageVEpartners met back in 2013 while sharing an office building in Downers Grove Illinois. Pulse Studio rented a portion of the building over a deli. Plego rented the office space down the hall. One summer day the team at Pulse Studio turned their music up a bit too loud. The Plego team politely came over to let us know that they could hear it from the other end of the building. After that initial meeting, we had the opportunity to get to know each other better. Once we established our friendship, we were presented with a joint opportunity to work together to develop the visuals and programming for the in-store digital signage and touchscreens for a large U.S.-based furniture company. Additional collaborations strengthened our professional relationship and resulted in us combining our expertise to build an industry-leading virtual event management and hybrid event management platform.

meet the team

Tom Munz


Amin Razzak


Christopher Fry


Saad Yusuf


Dan Kuharchuk


Laurie Graves

Head of Sales

Melanie Alvarez

Project Manager

Eugene Gnatyuk

Project Manager

Brian Kerr

Project Manager

Haris Ali

Project Manager

Abigail Reed

Project Manager

Muhammad Ali

Project Manager

Atif Naseem

Development Manager

Waqar Haider

Development Manager

Mashood Saleem

Development Manager

Muhammad Arshad

Development Manager

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