Hybrid Events: What They Are and Why You Need Them

Virtual events became increasingly popular during the Great Recession – offering an economically and environmentally-friendly way to connect thousands of attendees from around the globe. They proved so effective, in fact, that event planners began to incorporate a parallel virtual component to traditional in-person events – creating “hybrid events.” Not… READ MORE

Turnkey Events – Your Custom Virtual Events Solution

The virtual events market is growing exponentially. In 2019, the global virtual events market was valued at $77.98 billion. The pandemic further accelerated the adoption of virtual events as brands sought to connect and engage with their customers. As the world begins to emerge from the pandemic, virtual events will… READ MORE

5 Virtual Event Marketing Strategies for Social Media

Check out these 5 virtual event marketing strategies for social media to create buzz around your next event. Virtual events have grown exponentially in recent years. They help brands to expand their reach by engaging with audiences around the world. Yet one of the most challenging aspects of hosting a… READ MORE

Virtual Events Venue Spotlight – Introducing Sky Village

Audience engagement is the largest challenge when it comes to virtual events. An engaging virtual event venue is a critical component of an outstanding and interactive guest experience. It also helps increase attendee dwell time. Sky Village is the perfect venue for a broad range of virtual events. We invite… READ MORE

Increase Attendee Dwell Time to Create the Best Virtual Events

The best virtual events capture and keep the attention of attendees. But achieving this feat is something that many companies struggle with. According to research, audience engagement and interaction are the greatest challenges of virtual events. Making a good first impression on those attending your virtual event is crucial as… READ MORE

Case Study – ZS Associates

ZS Associates is a global firm that provides services in industries ranging from healthcare to technology to finances. They utilize cutting-edge analytics, tech, and strategy to assist clients with everything from early discovery to commercialization. Traditionally, new partners, clients, and staff would be invited to their offices to meet the… READ MORE

Virtual Venue Spotlight – Introducing the Engage Summit

Welcome to the Engage Summit, a modern lodge overlooking gorgeous desert views. As the latest venue on the EngageVE events platform, the Engage Summit has all the features you need to host a successful virtual event, as well as a backdrop of stunning views to wow your attendees. Flexible and customizable, the venue can be tailored to fit the needs of any event type or size.

3D Scanning Brings Products Closer to Your Digital Customers

With showrooms closed and clients attending events from home, the need to bring physical products into the virtual world is more important than ever. Precision and accuracy are key to creating faithful reproductions of complex, real-world objects. At Pulse Studio, we’re taking advantage of the latest in 3D scanning tech… READ MORE

Virtual Venue Spotlight – Introducing the Engage Center

Welcome to the Engage Center, the flagship venue of the EngageVE platform. Robust and fully customizable, the Engage Center is the solution to the struggles of developing captivating virtual events. This virtual venue is a blank slate, scalable to events of any size and ready to support the unique needs… READ MORE