Virtual Events Venue Spotlight – Introducing Sky Village

Audience engagement is the largest challenge when it comes to virtual events. An engaging virtual event venue is a critical component of an outstanding and interactive guest experience. It also helps increase attendee dwell time. Sky Village is the perfect venue for a broad range of virtual events. We invite you to explore Sky Village and its many use cases and benefits.

Sky Village – The Perfect Venue for your Virtual Events

Step into the world of Sky Village, a luxury rooftop venue tucked away between towering skyscrapers. From the stylish lounges to the wide-open Skydeck offering panoramic skyline views, this venue is ideal for events that demand a little more flair. Invite your guests to an evening in this lush garden paradise and offer them an experience they’ll never forget.

As part of EngageVE’s lineup of customizable virtual venues, Sky Village can scale to fit the needs of a broad range of virtual events. For instance, a fundraising gala with hundreds of guests. Or an intimate cocktail hour for a group of twenty. Sky Village will transform to meet your needs. In this virtual event venue, you will find all the tools you need to connect your attendees to your products, your brand, and to one another. Sky Village is overflowing with opportunities for networking, showcasing content, and advertising sponsors and partners to your audience.

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Virtual Event Sponsorship and Branding Opportunities

This virtual event venue is ideal for heavily sponsored events where numerous partners or teams require recognition. Sky Village’s ample sponsorship opportunities ensure that your company and your partners’ brands are smoothly integrated throughout the experience. Feature your supporters and highlight their contributions with eye-catching billboards and vibrant banners nestled throughout the skyline. Customize the virtual event by choosing finishes, lighting, and furniture that reflects your company’s branding and design. There’s plenty of room to share the spotlight with all your valued partners and teams, so you’ll never need to worry that anyone is getting left out.

Networking and Connection with Virtual Events

This chic virtual event venue is perfect for networking and full of eye candy designed to get people talking. Networking lounges can be opened or closed as needed to accommodate your guests. Expand the networking areas to keep the flow moving through a large conference or symposium. Or curate a few intimate spaces to spark conversation amongst your guests. Each networking space can integrate seamlessly with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or the virtual conferencing software of your choice. Make it easy to connect to virtual events by including the meeting tools your team and clients are familiar with.

Designate a VIP lounge for your top sales team, most valuable clients, or strongest partners. This will help you provide an exclusive spot only accessible to your most special guests. You can even offer sponsored networking lounges, connecting your audience with representatives from partner companies. No matter the event, Sky Village will become the ideal virtual event spot for your guests to connect and exchange ideas.

Showcasing Content at your Virtual Event

Alongside its stylish networking lounges, Sky Village has several spaces perfect for displaying video content. For instance, on-demand lectures to live-streamed keynote speeches. Host your primary speeches and panels in the General Session atrium. The atrium is a gorgeous glassed-in structure that will pull all eyes to your cornerstone content. The sunken stage pit is ideal for displaying secondary materials, such as informational presentations or short breakout sessions. Whether it’s a public masterclass covering your newest software features, a high-stakes pitch to potential new clients, or an inter-departmental lunch and learn, your company’s content will stand out.

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Ensuring Engagement at Virtual Events

Keep your audience excited and interested in your content by hosting your next virtual event at Sky Village. From the cityscape and lush greenery to the numerous areas to explore, your visitors will always have something new to discover. The virtual events venue also supports extra interactive elements to add even more thrill to the party. Mix and match from our library of modules – Arcade gaming, Escape Rooms, Swag Store, and more – to spark conversation and create memorable shared experiences. No matter the occasion, this venue will elevate the experience to the next level.

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Whether it’s a corporate mixer, charity fundraiser, or cocktail hour, Sky Village is the perfect virtual events venue to showcase the very best your company has to offer. If you are interested in learning more about Sky Village and exploring this virtual world for yourself, contact us at for a demo and get the conversation started.