Increase Attendee Dwell Time to Create the Best Virtual Events

The best virtual events capture and keep the attention of attendees. But achieving this feat is something that many companies struggle with. According to research, audience engagement and interaction are the greatest challenges of virtual events. Making a good first impression on those attending your virtual event is crucial as it may increase attendee dwell time. When event visitors stay engaged for extended periods of time, they are more likely to engage with your company’s representatives and build a relationship. 

When a company struggles to gain their virtual audience’s interest, they are potentially losing customers. This is why it is so important to get your audience involved during virtual events. The best virtual events focus on increasing interaction through things like virtual event activities. The longer your audience dwells, the more time they spend learning about and connecting with your business. 

Virtual Event Activities to Increase Dwell Time for the Best Virtual Events

Many organizations fail to realize there are many ways to draw the audience in. The following are a few virtual event activities that you can use to increase dwell time and provide your guests with the best virtual events experience possible.


Best virtual events

In studies involving events of at least 1,000 attendees or more, it was reported that 59% of event organizers have gamification strategies to improve audience engagement during their virtual event. Almost everyone enjoys playing games and having the opportunity to win. Therefore, if you present the opportunity for your virtual audience to participate in virtual event activities, they’re going to be more excited and engaged.  As a bonus, when people have fun and are tuned in, they are more likely to remember your company because your event provided them with a memorable experience.

Some ideas for creating the best virtual events using gamification include hosting a bingo game or virtual trivia. Or consider having participants come up with a catchy slogan for one of your company’s products and then proceed to have other attendees vote on the winning slogan. Also consider passing out prizes to the game winners such as gift cards, mugs, or even hats with your company’s logo.  

Sponsor giveaways

Virtual attendees love the idea of participating in a giveaway at virtual events. Not only do sponsor giveaways allow your audience to receive a physical or virtual prize, but they can also help improve brand awareness and increase engagement. This tactic is so effective that 34% of event organizers send out virtual gift bags to their attendees.

You can incorporate a sponsored giveaway into your next event by holding a virtual raffle. Have participants send in their name, email, and phone number that will be put on a virtual ticket. Winners can be randomly selected towards the end of the event. Some of the prizes that your attendees could win include items with your company logo on them, a thirty-day trial of one of your company’s digital products, or a 20% off voucher for one of your services/products.  Organizers of the best virtual events get creative and have fun with giveaways.

Lead Generation

Virtual fair

One of the best things about virtual events is that there’s room for plenty of people to attend.  With an in-person event, attendees have to pay for things such as a hotel room, transportation, and meals. This can sometimes be a deterrent and may make people think twice about attending. With a virtual event, many of those costs are cut out completely. This means that more people (and potential leads) are likely to show up.

Use this opportunity to try and generate leads for your company. Ask attendees for their contact information (name, email, and phone number) so that you can add them to your monthly email list. In exchange, consider offering them a free trial of your company’s product, software, or services. This way, you can keep event attendees engaged with your company long past your virtual event through a monthly email blast.

Live Content

Live content

Another great way to increase your attendee dwell time is to schedule live content that your audience can tune into throughout your virtual event. Find some relevant topics that your target audience might be interested in and have your team members come up with live content ideas based on those topics.

For example, one member of your team could give a speech. Another team member could perform a live Q&A. And another team member could host a live trivia event. The best virtual events offer attendees a broad range of content to choose from. The great thing about teaching your audience something new or providing information is that people will remember it, want to learn more, and possibly reach out to your company for further business.

Scavenger Hunts

Virtual conference

One final strategy that is highly effective in increasing attendee dwell time is to host a virtual scavenger hunt. Before your event begins, write down a list of items (physical or digital items) that your attendees will have to find. Whoever can collect the most items within the allotted time will win a company-branded prize. Some of the list items could include gathering a coffee mug, a business card, or having attendees write down one piece of information that they learned from your company’s presentation.

Scavenger hunts are a fun way to engage with your audience for longer periods. They can help your audience have a brighter outlook on your company. And they also can increase the amount of information your attendees retain from the virtual event.

Use These Virtual Event Activities to Create the Best Virtual Events

Capturing and keeping the attention of virtual event attendees can prove difficult. But if executed correctly, it can bring your company substantial benefits. Increasing attendee dwell time can help your organization gain more leads and shine a spotlight on your company’s products and services. Follow these rich engagement ideas during your next virtual event and you’re sure to increase your attendee dwell time. Moreover, be sure to choose an engaging virtual event venue for your event.

Are you looking for more ways to increase your attendee dwell time at your next event? If so, contact our team to learn all about how our virtual event software can help. We’ve made virtual events easy and cost-effective for companies worldwide and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.